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I'm Mimi, a socially awkward 17 year old.

I try not to post anything NSFW. This blog mostly consists of random posts including Legend of Zelda, memes, Supernatural, Skyrim, Avengers, etc....

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Since I haven’t posted anything irl
Today I went to monsterpalooza, huzzah!!

Was listening to some music before she decided to join me.

Was listening to some music before she decided to join me.

I’ve been accepted to all the colleges I applied to! My mom exclaimed the news to my father to which he replies “Oh that’s nice” in a mad tone. GOOD BECAUSE I GIVE 0 FUCKS ON WHAT YOU SAY ASSFUCK.

I kept on hearing my mother addressing how her son is perfect, everyone in the family acknowledging how he’s successful and handsome. Then the only nice thing someone said to me was that I had a nice personality.
Yes, it is I, the other sibling that shalt not be named. 

My spirit animal is a lion.

Today was a great day at Monsterpalooza.

I can’t do this essay, I don’t have the energy to bullshit nor the attention span. 

Recent gpoy and derp I look tired.

Little me was derpin’ 

Dat ass 

My hair is growing, little by little. : D 

I stayed after school to continue working on my homework… needless to say I didn’t do much. 
Because one of the very handsome Prep leaders decided to chat with me.


My Puffy has cancer. 

My Puffy has cancer.