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I'm Mimi, a socially awkward 17 year old.

I try not to post anything NSFW. This blog mostly consists of random posts including Legend of Zelda, memes, Supernatural, Skyrim, Avengers, etc....

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I stayed after school to continue working on my homework… needless to say I didn’t do much. 
Because one of the very handsome Prep leaders decided to chat with me.


My Puffy has cancer. 

My Puffy has cancer. 

I don’t even know what my hair is doing. 

I don’t even know what my hair is doing. 

I feel like stabbing my ovaries and my dog is trying to help me feel better. 

Managed to survive today. 
Onwards to homework now, ahgsaj.  

Going to the bus looking like this. 

Went to Nuevo Futuro today. Apparently in the bus I was a parrot sleeping.  

Went to Nuevo Futuro today. 
Apparently in the bus I was a parrot sleeping.  

This week is going to be  busy. 

Goodbye sleep. 

Because she couldn’t see my face at all 

Thinking that I did horrible, but it turns out 


Wanted to have a good hair today, but my hair was in denial. 

Had an idea of dressing up as Slash for Halloween. 

Little ol’ me. 

rxjoker replied to your post: I have to straighten my hair due to a wedding on…

Wow.. that is some bullshit right there. Frankly I think the whole wedding should be planned around your hair.

Aye, it is. Mother wanted me to go with natural hair, huzzah! but my aunt said she wanted to see me pretty for once, ouch.


Damn right it should. I think I have some rings in there.